Bundles of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables to give to our MVB Families

Community Food Centres Canada and BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation with our MVB team are so very thankful for our wonderful Amy and all her work! We have multiple bundles of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables to give to our MVB Families. If you would like to request a bundle, please call Amy or Mishel at 250-838-6434 to arrange for pick up. 5 lb bag of Pacific Sunrise Potatoes3 lb bag of Yellow Onions2lb bag of Carrots3lb bag of Red Beets5lb bag of Gala Apples.

Winter Has Arrived

I am sure that when everyone woke up this morning, there was a collective exclamation of joy in ‘whoville.’ Perhaps that was not shared as strongly by those parents/guardians who had to hazard the roads to school, or by the folks in Trinity Valley who discovered their bridge was closed to traffic. However, for our “littles” – this was a glorious morning!

Thank you to the all the students (and staff) who helped with the shovelling this morning!

With the snow comes some reminders for our collective safety:

  1. Winter wear should include coats, boots, gloves/mittens and some sort of toque.
  2. Students are welcome to use the sledding hill provided they are wearing winter wear (otherwise they end up spending the day in soaking clothes). They are able to bring soft sleds, crazy carpets, etc. as long as there are no hard plastic/wood/metal that could cause harm.
  3. Students are able to build and play in snow structures, but please know that they are temporary. We won’t expect today’s forts to be there even tomorrow.
  4. No snowballs…”Snow stays on the ground.” – Sorry.
  5. We will be maintaining our zones: so, please ensure that you stick with your cohort of students.
  6. Please remember to use the grates outside each classroom to “stomp off” the snow before entering – we will do our best to remind you as well.

Finally, to our parents/guardians: please take care, drive slowly and stay safe! Let’s have a great winter!!

Parent Connect Up & Running!

Our apologies, we have heard from a number of you that you were unable to access the Parent Connect site to select a Goal Setting Conference time. We have been able to correct the settings and it now is ready for you.

Thanks for your patience.

Kindy registration opens on Tuesday

 SD83 Kindergarten Registration 2021-22 

To Parents/Caregivers, 

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your child to North Okanagan School District No. 83! Due to COVID-19, there are some changes to the Kindergarten registration process this year: 

1. Kindergarten registration will open at 9am on Tuesday, October 13th and remain open for the rest of the school year. 

2. You may choose to register in-person at the school or online. 

3. Registering in-person: Please phone the school and make an appointment to come in and complete the paperwork, as only one family at a time can be in the school office area. 

4. Registering online: Please email the school to request the online registration link. 

5. You will need to register at your child’s catchment school (based on your physical address) or specialty school (Bastion – Early French Immersion or South Canoe – Outdoor Learning). To access our catchment school locator tool or find out more information about our specialty schools, Click Here

6. Any parents/caregivers requesting a cross-boundary consideration will need to follow these steps:

a. Register at their catchment school (in-person or online) 

b. Complete a cross boundary request form 

c. Have the form signed by the catchment school’s principal 

d. Take the form to the principal of the requested school (for cross-boundary consideration in the spring) 

7. All Kindergarten registrations completed on Tuesday, October 13th are treated as “equal”, so there is no need for line-ups on that day. Registrations received after October 13th, will be date/time stamped and treated on a first come, first served basis. This information will be used to determine placement IF catchment area schools or programs are full. Students with siblings already registered in a Program of Choice (French Immersion or Outdoor Learning) will be given priority if there is limited space.

If you have any questions about the Kindergarten registration process, please contact: Jennifer Findlay, District Principal, at jfindlay@sd83.bc.ca 

Terry Fox Run

October 6th

Primary Students will stay on site and participate in cohort runs.

Div. 13 Shinoda & 12 Downs- 9:07 am

Div. 11 Pratt & 10 Hall- 10:04 am

Div. 9 Gadicke & 8 Jones- 10:48 am

Div. 7 Hooper- 1:05 pm

October 8th

Intermediate Students will be running on the following path.

Div. 1 Huntington & 2 Pyle- 10:04 am

Div. 5 Easthope & 3 Kolotylo- 10:48 am

Div. 6 Dell & 4 Reimer- 1:05 pm

A message from our Superintendent

Good morning,

Many of you would have seen the article published by Castanet, yesterday. Our Superintendent, Mr. Peter Jory, has responded to it from both a district and M.V. Beattie perspective. Below is the response in its entirety.

I want to thank our parent community for the support you have shown, but sadly we continue to see a decrease in enrolment. As I have mentioned before, these are difficult decisions. We have come to accept the fact that an effort “to save our division” would be to simply to pass the problem to another community. As a staff, we understand that is unacceptable given that we have lost more students than almost all other elementary schools in our district. While we are saddened by this situation, we are ready to move forward and create adaptations that will continue to show the support and caring that you have come to expect from our school. One thing that has not changed is the commitment we have made to create a great year for your children. I will be sending a letter home tonight with a timeline for these changes and any new developments.

Mr. Jory’s Response:

“The surplussing of teachers is a standard practice whenever there is a mismatch between our staffing as based on projections and the students who actually show up. 

We start considering student enrollment and classroom organization charts as soon as students are in our buildings, then begin to communicate with principals if we see numbers that are concerning. This year, we have had additional volatility in our enrollment, and we were forecasting surplusses in the range of 12-18 teachers, given our district budgets and typical Ministry enrollment procedures. 

With the recently announced flexibility of the Ministry’s transitional enrollment strategy and the infusion of Federal funding which can be used to support online staffing, we are in a much better place and have landed on just three reductions for now, at the schools with the largest enrollment drops. These decisions have limited the impact across the District, but they have come at substantial financial cost. Given the additional expenses required by our District Safety Plan and staffing adjustments mentioned, even with the additional provincial and federal funding in place, we expect to experience significant financial pressures this year. 

In the case of M.V. Beattie, enrollment has dropped significantly below projections so there now more than 30 spaces, even when we count students whose parents who have indicated their interest in returning sometime during the school year. If we do not count those students, which would be our normal practice, the number of available seats approaches 50. The two other schools experiencing a teacher reduction at this time are Shuswap Middle School and Highland Park Elementary. 

The North Okanagan-Shuswap School District has enjoyed several consecutive years of increased enrollment prior to this year, and has added staffing through reorganization of classes each September as a result of those increases.