Principal’s Message

M.V. Beattie Elementary, located in the picturesque town of Enderby, B.C., is more than a rural elementary school.  It is a place where friendships grow, imagination is explored, a sense of community is nourished and dreams evolve.

Our students and staff work together to create a learning environment that sparks curiosity and engagement.  Active learning is promoted, and our students are afforded many opportunities to learn outside of the traditional classroom walls.  There is a collective pride in being an M.V. Beattie “Wildcat.”

Each morning our student announcements culminate with the reminder of our core values: RESPECT and OWNERSHIP create POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS.  Through our actions, we honour our beliefs. We believe in the potential each students possesses, and we encourage them to put forth their best effort in pursuit of their goals.

As a staff, we understand the leap of faith that parents take as you drop your sons and daughters off at school each day, and we undertake our responsibilities with a sense of duty and care that aims to mirror what judicious parents would do in a loving home environment.

Welcome to M.V. Beattie!