Swimming, Field Trips and Fun Days!


While summer is a few weeks away, the recent hot weather has given us a glimpse of things to come.  As my “Aussie” friend would say, our students are often on “walkabout” as they travel from one field trip to the next.  Most recently, each division has enjoyed a week of swimming lessons, our gr. 6s have just returned from a wonderful three day trip to Eagle Bay Camp, the grade 4 class enjoyed a celebratory school sleepover, and there are trips to Haney Heritage, The Enchanted Forest, North Fork, and of course our annual trek to the waterslides to look forward to.  Although we continue to have “work to be done” – the transition to “celebration mode” is upon us, and there is a lot to celebrate.  Our students have worked hard inside and out of the classroom.  Yesterday, at our staff meeting, we discussed the many improvements we have seen in terms of student academic and social progress.  Each teacher had no trouble identifying individual and class successes.  There was a tremendous amount of pride as we heard stories of the struggles our students had to overcome on their way to success.

Some upcoming and important events:

On June 19th, our gr.6s will have their “grad luncheon” and dance.

On June 26th, we will host another rendition of a FUN DAY – and once again, a big thank you to our PAC for sponsoring a lunch for both students and staff.

“Please note: Students will be given ONE SLICE of pizza, veggies + dip, fruit, a cookie, and a juice box. If they don’t feel this is a sufficient amount of food, they are welcome to bring extra snacks to school that day.
PAC is always looking for extra help to serve on Pizza Days. If you are available to help, please contact PAC Hot Lunch Coordinator, Michelle Campbell, @ 250-938-1434 or on the MV Beattie PAC Facebook page.”
This would also be the appropriate time to pass on our appreciation to Michelle Campbell and her parent helpers who have provided us with a monthly “hot lunch” program throughout the year –  thanks for all of your efforts!
On June 27th, we have a shortened day (buses arrive for pick up at 10:00am), so it will be a day of goodbyes in the classrooms (and report cards to pick up) and then a final slide show assembly (which will begin at 9:00am).  We will wish our gr. 6s the very best as they transition to A.L. Fortune, and hope for a safe and happy holiday for all of our families.

There is something special about M.V. Beattie.  Whether I hear it from a bus driver, a substitute teacher (TOC), a parent, or among staff over lunch, there is something about being a member of the Beattie community that speaks to a culture of commitment and caring.  Even to a visitor, this feeling is palpable. Each member – from students to staff, parents to community volunteers – contributes to this feeling.  On behalf of our staff, I would like to pass on our thanks for all of the support our parents/guardians and volunteers provide to us on a daily basis.


A.L. Fortune Musicians Inspire

IMG_1958What a great way to wrap up a day! Ms. Reed, Mr. Justason and about forty students from ALF came to M.V. Beattie to share their award winning tunes.  We heard from three drum lines – including the Provincial Champion Sr. Drumline, as well as the gr. 7 band and the jazz band.  Each group displayed their musical prowess and in doing so, amazed our audience.  A.L. Fortune has become a flagship musical program both within our district and across the province.  On a day when our gr. 6s had just returned from a visit to ALF, this became just another demonstration of the many choices and opportunities that await them.

The adults in the crowd, mostly teachers, support staff and parents, looked on in admiration of the students’ talents – and we all took some pride in the “family connection” that exists both literally and figuratively between our two schools.

A.L. Fortune, thanks for the showcase…as always, you make us proud!

Grace Under Pressure!

IMG_1796Imagine a beautiful Friday morning unfolding – students and staff brimming with excitement for the activities of the day…with the promise of a beautiful weekend on the horizon.  The agenda includes Outdoor Music, Body Science Boot Camp, Pizza Day and a dance for the intermediate students…it doesn’t get much better than this.

Until, a parent returns from the pizza place – without pizzas.  Some kind of miscommunication occurred…and now it is time to think.  Well, and REACT quickly as there will be 283 hungry Wildcats on the prowl very shortly.  Our PAC has been amazing all year, and this was just another occasion for them to show off their teamwork and support.  Within moments, a plan was hatched: Sutherlands to the rescue.  Loaves of bread, pounds of ham, stacks of cheese were picked up, and the assembly line began.  Some of our super helpful gr. 6 students jumped in to support the effort.  It was not what any of us were expecting, but it was a great example of how people can pull together to make the best of a difficult situation and come up with a…ham and cheese sandwich!

Thanks to all of our volunteers for ensuring that our kids were well fed.   Without recognizing it as such, you role modelled “grace under pressure” for our students – a life lesson worth learning.

M.V. Beattie PAC Presents:

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 4.01.00 PMA big thank you to our PAC for supporting this information session, and the student learning workshops to follow.  For many people, this can be a challenging topic to tackle, so it is a fantastic opportunity for parents (and staff) to come out and hear about the “Body Science” boot camp that Sarah Stark will provide, and hear her suggestions for how to approach these critical conversations with our kids.

We look forward to seeing you!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop.


A few weeks ago, one of our gr. 3 students at M.V. Beattie introduced me to the idea of using a visual metaphor for spreading kindness across our school and community.  Apparently, inspired by her conversation with grandma about a “Paper Chain of Kindness” that had been seen on Pinterest, our student immediately wanted to champion the same type of challenge in her home community.  At the root of it was the desire to make a difference and to be a positive influence on others.  Together, we went to each classroom to share the concept.  Students and staff shared examples of “everyday acts of kindness” that, while simple in nature, can help to improve the lives of others…even if only for a moment.  Each of our students was given the challenge to embark on “purposeful acts of kindness.” Perhaps, doing a chore that mom or dad would usually do, or sharing kind words with others, and ensuring to include people in their play…We had  no specific directions or game plan – other than to simply “do good.”

I am proud of all of our students and staff for how they have responded, and I am hopeful that on Sunday, April 28 (at 10:00am at the Lion’s Gazebo) Enderby will see the many acts of kindness that characterize a community that cares.  April 28th is Pay It Forward Day, so perhaps we will all have the occasion to consider what we can do to make the life of another a little bit better.

While many often wonder in despair “What can one person possibly do?” I am grateful that one of our students decided to be an answer to that question.

Thank you, Anna!

Warmest Regards,

Gene Doray