A Last Minute Change…

94d852ad833d1d864b5c702d42bc9456.jpgWell, it appears “the powers that be” dictated that our “new gym” would indeed become something to look forward to in the new year.  We had planned our dress rehearsal for our gym, but we have now had to scramble to make arrangements to hold it in the Splatsin Centre.  We owe a debt of gratitude to Shihiya school for being flexible with their booking to enable us the opportunity to practice our performance on Tuesday, Dec. 17.  Parents/Guardians should have received the Permission Form yesterday afternoon for both the dress rehearsal as well as for the concert itself.  On both days, students will be bussed to the Splatsin Centre.

We are excited to welcome grandparents/parents/guardians and other family members to join us on Dec. 18th for our Winter Concert.  The doors will open for general seating at 12:00.  I have been asked to remind everyone to please help us with both people and traffic congestion.  The six school buses will park to the left of the main entrance in the side parking lot.  We will enter the side doors – and exit there after the show.  If you could please provide us the access needed to swiftly enter, and also allow us to leave prior to your own departure that would help considerably.   Thank you in advance for your support.

As the kids say, “12 More Sleeps!”

*To help bring more merriment to the season, we have started to collect “gently used” or new donations of toys.  Please look for an email with a full explanation for how you can support this cause – or access it.

Wishing all of our M.V. Beattie Family the very best the season has to offer!


Winter Concert 2019

1ed82204dfe70a4b0489fd1efdb255ac.pngIt is that time of year when Mrs. Peters and her many wonderful helpers are feeling nervous excitement for the festivities ahead.  Our students (and staff) are doing their best to practice their lines, memorize their songs, and welcome in the holiday season.  I have great confidence that this year’s event will create fantastic memories for years to come.

Here are the particulars for this year’s celebration:

Date: December 18th

Place: The Splatsin Centre

Time: Doors open at 12:00pm for general seating; our program begins at 12:30 sharp!

In recognition of the countless hours they put into supporting our school, we will have some reserved seating for our PAC.

Transportation: Our students will be bussed to and from the Splatsin Centre and will be ready for pick up at the usual time (2:00pm) from M.V. Beattie.  At the end of the performance, we will ask families to allow the students and staff to exit the building first in order to ensure that we get back to MVB with time to spare…and “no child left behind.” Students who regularly bus to school each day will be able to catch their typical bus ride home.

Admission: Admission is free but donations and/or non-perishable food items are gratefully accepted.

Goodies: Our Lifeskills program will be holding a bake sale fundraiser at the site.  Plates of baked goods will be pre-packaged and on sale for $5.

How should I dress my child? If your child is in grade 6, you should have received communication regarding the concert costumes list.   Please contact the school if you have missed this memo.  For K-5, this message should have come home:

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 4.57.24 PM.png

Where will my child be sitting? Have a look at our map. The “Actors” are the gr. 6 divisions.



Thank you, in advance, for coming out to support your children.  We are excited to share this day with family and friends!

Winter Conditions


With the recent snowfall, the slippery road conditions have given us pause to consider the need to address safety concerns that relate to the drop off and pick up of our M.V. Beattie kids.  The photos below are not meant to do anything other than frame the issue.  Each morning we have dozens of families who drop off their children, and because everyone is trying to ensure that their children are here on time, the traffic can be quite dense.  Over the past few months, the “Kiss and Go” lane has turned into a parking lot.  This is problematic as it takes away sight lines and narrows the area for moving traffic.  Even with a marked area for students to cross the roads, there is potential for them to be somewhat “invisible” to drivers; therefore, we are asking for your support.  Please make sure that you only take a moment to drop off your children, before continuing to move on.  If you need to come in to visit one of our staff, please take a parking stall in our lot – there are usually at least a dozen spaces available.  Our staff will also do our best to gently remind people to move along, safely.  As always, our commitment is to do all that we can to provide a safe school environment.  Your help is appreciated!

Kiss and Go.jpg


The Starlight News

Unknown-1.jpeg                 istockphoto-921386896-1024x1024.jpgr.jpg

Congratulations to our Intermediate news crew who published their first Newsletter of the year.  This was a student-initiated and student-led group who were determined to create something “for students, by students.”


I am proud of their efforts and initiative, and hope you will take a few moments to view their creation.  Plans are now underway for a December edition!

Congratulations team!

And an extra “shout out” to Sierra Reap, our Editor in Chief!

The Starlight News Oct. 2019


Lest We Forget


For the past few weeks our students have been learning about the significance of Remembrance Day.  They have been reading and hearing stories, researching and sharing family anecdotes.  While being sensitive to age appropriate lessons, students have learned about Canada’s role in conflicts both past and present.  While Canada’s veterans walk among us, it is too rare that we reflect on the sacrifices that they made for their country.  Earlier this week, our intermediate classes had the opportunity to visit the Enderby Legion and our Cenotaph.  These visits gave us an important glimpse into the lives of the soldiers and the reason why it is so important to remember.