Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Winners.jpgDuring these times, it is even more important to share good news with our Wildcat Nation!  So, today we wanted to show off the happy faces of two of our finest: Dexter and Holly.  They were recently recognized by the Royal Canadian Legion for their outstanding Remembrance Day poem and poster.  A trip to the mail box can at times  provide some welcome surprises, and on this occasion Holly and Dexter found a letter of congratulations, a certificate of achievement…and a cheque!

Thank you Holly.  Thank you Dexter.  In your accomplishment, you have reminded us of the significance of this contest: LEST WE FORGET!

Day of Mourning

National Day of MourningToday we remember and honour those lives lost or injured due to work related accidents. It is also a time to renew commitments for improving Health and Safety in the workplace.  To our hard working Wildcat Parents/Guardians, stay safe, and thank you for all that you do for our community.

Wildcat Wednesdays!

Wildcat Wednesdays.jpgI asked our staff to share some photos to celebrate Wildcat Wednesdays!  We have photos  of our staff at work and play in their school colours.  If you would like to have your photo (in Wildcat colours) included next Wednesday, please send me your pics by Wednesday morning.  It is great to “see” so many of our students online in class meetings and accessing remote learning opportunities… Parents, Grandparents, Guardians and older siblings, Thank You  for all that you are doing to support the learning of our MVB kids!  Together, we will continue to grow in our ability to effectively support our students’ learning.

*Reminder* For those students who are wishing to participate in the MVB Talent Show, tomorrow afternoon is the deadline to send in your “application.” An application is simply an email that tells us that your son/daughter would like to perform and a description of the talent they will share with us.  More information will be shared with the participants early next week. 

*Survey*  I sent out a survey to parents/guardians yesterday afternoon, and have already received 60 replies.  Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your feedback!

Happy Thursday!

The Show Must Go On!


Hello Wildcat Nation!  We were all disappointed when we didn’t have a chance to witness our annual talent show in person this year – I know I had been diligently practicing my “cow bell” to add to the “Beattie Boys'” rendition of Bob Seger’s song, “Still the One.” Anyway…we think we have come up with a plan that enables students to participate and share their talents with the MVB community – while also respecting online privacy issues.  The First Step is simple: Do you have a talent you would like to share with our school community? If you answer “YES” to that question, then it is on to the Second Step: Have your parent/guardian send us an email to say that you would like to participate (which will indicate that you have permission from home), and a brief description of what you will be sharing.  Our deadline to accept entries will be NOON on April 24th. Later that day, those people that have “entered” the Talent Show will receive a link from us.  The Final Step is: Practice, practice, practice! You will have a week  to upload a short video (by NOON on May 1st), and then we plan to pass on links to our MVB community to enable you to watch our kids in action! We are looking at May 4th as our presentation date!

Later on, we will send out surveys to our audience members so that they can provide virtual cheers and support for our youngsters.

Please send your intent to participate emails (and descriptions) to

Let’s Go Wildcats!