Winter Has Arrived

I am sure that when everyone woke up this morning, there was a collective exclamation of joy in ‘whoville.’ Perhaps that was not shared as strongly by those parents/guardians who had to hazard the roads to school, or by the folks in Trinity Valley who discovered their bridge was closed to traffic. However, for our “littles” – this was a glorious morning!

Thank you to the all the students (and staff) who helped with the shovelling this morning!

With the snow comes some reminders for our collective safety:

  1. Winter wear should include coats, boots, gloves/mittens and some sort of toque.
  2. Students are welcome to use the sledding hill provided they are wearing winter wear (otherwise they end up spending the day in soaking clothes). They are able to bring soft sleds, crazy carpets, etc. as long as there are no hard plastic/wood/metal that could cause harm.
  3. Students are able to build and play in snow structures, but please know that they are temporary. We won’t expect today’s forts to be there even tomorrow.
  4. No snowballs…”Snow stays on the ground.” – Sorry.
  5. We will be maintaining our zones: so, please ensure that you stick with your cohort of students.
  6. Please remember to use the grates outside each classroom to “stomp off” the snow before entering – we will do our best to remind you as well.

Finally, to our parents/guardians: please take care, drive slowly and stay safe! Let’s have a great winter!!

Parent Connect Up & Running!

Our apologies, we have heard from a number of you that you were unable to access the Parent Connect site to select a Goal Setting Conference time. We have been able to correct the settings and it now is ready for you.

Thanks for your patience.

Strong Start News


Good morning everyone,
It is with mixed feelings that I share the message of Cathy Steigleder’s departure from our MVB Strong Start program.  Mixed? Well, on the one hand…”How dare she???” and “How could she???” but there is this other side which causes my admiration for Cathy to grow.  Cathy and Hans have bought a house in 108 Mile and will be moving at the end of the month.  Always up for an adventure, they will now bring their many gifts to the Cariboo region.
While at MVB, Cathy grew our Strong Start program to over 100 children.  We “not-so-quietly cheered” when our numbers surpassed those of Salmon Arm…and we may have even shared that info with the district folks. 😊 Cathy has been the first face of MVB for many of our families – and what good fortune for us that she has been our welcoming committee.  I know that Cathy has had a similar impact on the community of Falkland and she will be missed in her role there as well.
While Cathy will be missed immensely, she leaves behind a legacy of commitment, collaboration and caring.  Our families will be devastated by this news but, like us, will wish her the very best in the next chapter of Cathy and Hans’ Excellent Adventure.
Cathy, thank you for all that you have done for MVB and for the communities that we serve.  You will be missed – but not forgotten.  “Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat!”

Lego Masters and Spirit Builders

IMG_4534Today we celebrated the final day of our MV Beattie 30 day Lego Challenge – and like most good celebrations, cake was involved!  It has been amazing to watch these two Lego Legends come up with a new way to take my likeness (and numerous staff members) on unsuspecting journeys, always ending in a laugh.  Equally wonderful was the number of MVB Wildcats who participated in the challenge and sent us photos of their incredible creations.  Whether through the Lego Challenge, a virtual Talent Show, Starlight Newspaper editions, slide shows, book tosses (still to come) or even “Singalongs” – our staff has been doing a remarkable job of keeping our spirits up during difficult times.  School spirit at M.V. Beattie is alive and well!

I am so very proud of the staff and students of M.V. Beattie and feel incredibly fortunate to work with this team.  Thank you for your commitment to our community!