Winter Concert 2018

137The excitement is building! Our music teacher, Mrs. Peters, has been working diligently with all of our students in preparation for another wonderful celebration of the holiday season.  Our students are doing their best to memorize their songs, master the ukulele, and remember to smile for the camera!  I am sure they will not disappoint.  As a parent, I have many memories of my boys performing at similar events, and whether it was rescuing my youngest off the stage as he was about to faint, watching my middle child discover an interest in the drums, or seeing my oldest demonstrating his best lip synching talents, there were always lasting smiles, even days after the event.

Here are the particulars for this year’s celebration:

Date: December 19th

Place: The Splatsin Centre

Time: Doors open at 12:00pm for general seating; our program begins at 12:30 sharp!

In recognition of the countless hours they put into supporting our school, we will have some reserved seating for our PAC.

Transportation: Our students will be bussed to and from the Splatsin Centre and will be ready for pick up at the usual time (2:00pm) from M.V. Beattie.  At the end of the performance, we will ask families to allow the students and staff to exit the building first in order to ensure that we get back to MVB with time to spare…and “no child left behind.” Students who regularly bus to school each day will be able to catch their typical bus ride home.

Admission: Admission is free but donations and/or non-perishable food items are gratefully accepted.

Goodies: Our Lifeskills program will be holding a bake sale fundraiser at the site.  Plates of baked goods will be pre-packaged and on sale for $5.

How should I dress my child? There are no costumes or matching clothing to concern yourself with this year.  If students could wear their “concert best” – mostly to look good for the photos that parents/guardians and grandparents take – that would be fantastic!

Where will my child be sitting? 

The students will be seated on stage as follows:

Mrs. Shinoda’s, Mrs. Schipfel’s, and Mrs. Kolotylo’s classes will be seated on the far left of the stage.

Mrs. Downs’, Mr. Jones’, and Mr. Pyle’s classes to the left

Mr. Easthope’s class in the middle

Mrs. Dell, Mrs. Hooper’s, and Mr. Huntington’s classes to the right

Mrs. Pratt’s, Mrs. Hall’s, and Miss Reimer’s classes to the far right.

Thank you, in advance, for coming out to support your children.  We are excited to share this day with family and friends!

Enderby Christmas Light Up!


On November 30th, our students will head downtown to take part in an annual ceremony whereby each division will bring a decorated wreath for the “Light Up.” The city always kindly provides our children with hot chocolate and a chance to meet with Santa.  If you are interested in dropping by to see this event unfold, I have included our timeline.  As we are dealing with youngsters whose legs and lungs are of different sizes, the departure time here and the arrival time downtown may be slightly different (though we are counting on it being a 10-15 min. walk).

We are sending our divisions in their “buddy groups,” so I am sure that will make it even more memorable.

Departure from  MVB

8:20  Mrs. Pratt’s class

8:40 Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Reimer and Strong Start

9:00 Mrs. Downs and Mr. Easthope’s classes

9:20 Mrs. Shinoda and Mrs. Dell’s classes

9:40 Mr. Jones and Mr. Pyle’s classes.

10:00 Mr. Huntington and Mrs. Hooper’s classes

10:20 Mrs. Kolotylo and Mrs. Schipfel’s classes

***Just a reminder to parents to please ensure that you have provided your consent (either online through parent connect of via the paper copy) for a “walking field trip.”



Wildcat Wednesdays!

Soon our staff and gr. 6 class will be looking sharp in our M.V. Beattie wear, and with all of the excitement, a number of students from other grades have asked whether we will be getting other clothing for purchase.  So, below are pictures of the two “new” logos for our shirt orders.  If you are thinking about a great early Christmas gift, here are a couple of options for your consideration.  Although the appearance online is black and white, the actual T-Shirts, Long Sleeve T’s and Hoodies are in a rich navy colour.  We are excited by the prospect of our staff and students sharing their school pride by wearing MVB duds on “Wildcat Wednesdays.”  These clothes will be available throughout the year, but if you want to have them prior to Christmas, you will have to order them by Friday, Nov. 29th!

We have samples to try on in the office as well as order forms.

Go Cats Go!thumbnail_20181126_111511

Parent-Teacher Goal Setting

thumbnail_IMG_2018-11-21_09-38-50On behalf of our staff, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to our parent/guardians for taking the time to meet with us and to help us learn more about your children.  Sharing information and co-creating goals for the future play a critical role in developing successful action plans.  I was especially pleased to listen in on some of our intermediate students as they discussed what strengths they possessed and what challenges still need to be overcome.  Being aware of how one learns best is an essential part of becoming a lifelong learner.  So, last night’s meetings were a “First Step” in the process of establishing goals, and now we must take care to monitor them.  It is important that we help our students recognize that dreams are important for the inspiration that they provide, but goals provide us with the steps to achieve them.

Best wishes on the next stages of your learning journeys!

Winter Wear Donations

Each year, the arrival of cold weather creates new challenges for some of our families.  We ask students to come prepared to school with warm winter jackets, toques, glove or mittens and – once the snow arrives – snow pants.  If students don’t have proper winter wear it becomes difficult to enjoy the snow forts and sledding.  To avoid having students shivering in wet clothes for the remainder of the day, the school rule is that students without the proper clothing aren’t permitted to take part in sledding or
winter-coat-clipart-5climbing around on the snow piles.  This rule is not intended to be punitive; no one enjoys being the FUN police, but we do want to prevent kids from being miserable after recess and lunch.  So, in an effort to ensure that our students are comfortably clothed for the winter season, we would like to request your second hand winter wear (specifically jackets and snow pants).  If some families have youth-sized winter jackets/pants that they no longer need and would be willing to donate to our school, we will do our best to match them with students in need.

Thank you for your consideration!

Mr. Doray