Heroes Among Us

Unknown-1Today our Kindergarten classes made a trip to the Enderby and District Fire Hall.  It was an exciting adventure for them which included introductions to fire safety as well as the sights and sounds of the fire trucks and rescue equipment.  Guiding our tour were firefighters, Jesse, Wyatt and Paul – all volunteers! In today’s society “hero status” is too often reserved for professional athletes, musicians and Hollywood stars.  Yet, everyday we are fortunate to live with the heroes among us: volunteers! It was great to be reacquainted with some A.L. Fortune grads (Wyatt and Paul) and witness the positive influence they had on our M.V. Beattie youngsters.  We are extremely fortunate to have local men and women provide this essential service to our community.  However, they are not alone in their support of our citizens.  Upon returning to our school, I met a number of other volunteers: some help our students learn to read with greater fluency, others help with our hot lunch program or provide food to help feed our students.  At every turn I see examples of how the Enderby Lions Club provides funds and services to make Enderby a better place to live.  The individuals, clubs and organizations that put the needs of others before their own are truly deserving of our highest praise.  Thank you to all of our local heroes, your efforts improve the quality of life that we enjoy and inspire us to continue your legacy of service for the benefit of others.

The Enderby Cliffs: A Lesson in “Resilience”

IMG_47731Class field trips are often greeted with eager enthusiasm, and represent a release from the daily routines of the classroom.  They take a considerable amount of preparation and organization and often require the support of parent volunteers.  Field trips inevitably become cherished memories.  Today’s ascent of the Enderby Cliffs will be no exception. For many of our students, the trip was a physical challenge, made even more difficult by the rainy conditions…yet they persevered.  No one would have blinked twice had we decided to cancel the event, but there was a real commitment by our staff and students (and volunteers – thank you!) to achieve a goal that they had set together.  It was amazing to see the smiling, albeit “rain soaked,” faces preparing for departure, and then to have them return, tired, muddied, slightly exhausted – but proud of their efforts.  Was it easy? Nope. Did a few kids slip in the mud?  Yup.  The rain may have even disguised a few tears.  However, lessons in resilience are typically “the path less traveled”; they cause us to accept challenges when it would be easier to walk the other way.

As adults, we understand the difficulties that life presents, but at times we may try to “protect” our children from a little adversity, and in doing so may actually hamper the development of resilience within them.

So…today was a great day not “despite” the weather, but because we did not let the weather dampen our spirits.  I am incredibly proud of our students for their accomplishment, and for our staff and parent volunteers who shone even in rainy conditions!  Congratulations to all!


Mr. D

Damelahamid Dancers


M.V. Beattie hosted Grindrod Elementary for today’s performance by the Damelahamid Dancers.  Both schools were treated to a wonderful display of indigenous storytelling, dancing, regalia and song.  Two of our exceptional gr. 6 students (Maclane & Olivia) showed great leadership by welcoming our visitors and also thanking them for sharing their stories with us.  All in all, it was a great morning!

Adams River Field Trips

We are pleased that our entire school (on 2 different days) will have the opportunity to participate in the “Salute to the Sockeye” field trip.  This is one of the amazing events that takes place in “our own backyard” and we are fortunate to be able to witness it.  By now, students should have brought home a permission slip for a parent/guardian signature. If you have not seen one, please let us know and we will make sure your son/daughter brings home another one.  Our first group of classes (Schipfel, Jones, Pratt, Dell, Hooper, Easthope, Reimer and Kolotylo) will visit on the morning of Oct. 4th and the second group (Downs, Shinoda, Hall, Huntington and Pyle) have been rescheduled for the morning of Oct. 9th.  The students will rotate through experiential learning stations, and hear the professionals from the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries explain this phenomenon.