Welcome Back – Update!

First DayFor one more day, our students will attend the previous year’s class as we prepare to add a 14th division! Our student population has risen to 300+ students, so the secret is out…Enderby is a great place to live and raise children!  We will be looking to hire a gr. 5/6 teacher – and will spend tomorrow and the next few days ensuring that our classroom changes create the least disruption to our current staff while also providing a smooth transition for our incoming teacher.   Tomorrow – at the end of the day – it is our intention to let our students know their classes for this year.

I would like to publicly acknowledge our teachers for the time and effort they put into creating these classes.  It is only through a considerable amount of dialogue between classroom teachers, learning resource teachers and administrators that we arrive at what we believe to be classes that best meet the needs of our learners.

Tomorrow we also welcome our newest members to M.V. Beattie.  Our Kindergarten classes will begin their Gradual Entry Program.  We look forward to meeting and greeting our kindies!  I would like to thank any of our parents and guardians – in advance – for taking the time to fill out the Kindergarten CHEQ survey tomorrow morning (or afternoon, depending on whether they are in group 1 or group 2).

Once again, thank you so very much for sharing your children with us.  We are proud to be your partners in this journey!

Welcome Back!

back to school. color pencilsI hope that this message finds you excited for the start of another great school year!  Our teachers have been working hard over the past few weeks to prepare for the return of our students – and there is an obvious excitement in the air.  We have a few updates for you in regard to our opening day/week, as well as some changes: both with personnel and facilities.


Our new bell schedule has an 8:03 warning bell, with class instruction beginning at 8:08. Recess is between 9:37 and 9:52; Lunch is slightly earlier, from 11:20-12:04; students are dismissed each day at 2:02pm.


Grades 1-6 will begin school on Sept. 3 (Warning bell 8:03) but will be a half day.  Dismissal will be at 11:00am and buses will pick students up shortly thereafter.

Kindergarten students will begin their Gradual Entry program on Sept. 4th.  A schedule was sent out to all parents last June.  Please give us a call if there is any confusion.

On opening day – and perhaps for the first few days – students will report to their last year’s classroom.  New students to MVB will meet on opening day in the foyer, and will be directed to an appropriate class.


Our enrolment numbers are currently higher than predicted (slightly above 300), so we are likely to have a 14th division.  Hopefully, we will know within the first few days.  As soon as we are given the go ahead to add a division, we will work to get our classes built so that we can embark on this year’s journey.  After our initial half day, our gr. 1-6s will spend full days (8:03-2:02) at MVB.


As mentioned in last year’s newsletter, we are adopting a school wide practice of purchasing supplies for each classroom, and passing on that savings of money and time to you.  There will be a $35 supply fee that will cover classroom supplies for the year – with the exception of backpacks, indoor shoes and earbuds (for intermediate).  So far, the feedback – both last year and this summer – has been very positive.


An unforeseen issue arose over the summer months: we returned in August to find that our gym floor had warped due to water being trapped underneath the floor (from the flood last May).  Our district operations managers and local contractors have worked swiftly to deal with the issue.  Unfortunately, this is not a quick fix.  We are still uncertain as to whether we will be able to patch the floor – or whether it will all be taken out and replaced…either way, we are anticipating around 3 months without access to our gym.  While there is never a good time for this type of issue, I am confident that our students will continue to actively participate in physical education and extra-curricular activities. “Where there is a WILL there is a WAY!”


The great news is that ALL of our classroom teachers have returned to MVB.  It is wonderful to have this continuity entering into a new year.  We will potentially have two more positions to hire: a 14th division teacher and a Remedy/Learning Resource Teacher.

So far we have two new faces joining our fantastic cohort of CEAs.  Please provide a warm welcome to Shelsey Ambrosi and Trina Baum.  We have two more CEA positions that should soon be filled.


M.V. Beattie benefits greatly from the contributions of our parents/guardians/community members.  If you are interested in helping out, please be in touch with your child’s teacher, or at the office.

  • We have a very active PAC that meets monthly (first meeting is Sept. 11th).
  • One to One reading is also a program helps our students immensely.
  • We are looking for a Hot Lunch coordinator (please contact our PAC if your are interested in helping out).
  • Driver’s: Like most schools, we rely on parent volunteers to safely get our students to both curricular and extracurricular venues.  The school district has new policy that has been put in place to ensure that students are safe; however, it will mean some additional preparation for you prior to being able to be a volunteer driver.  We now require:
    • A Criminal Record Check
    • A Driver’s Abstract (You can access this application via Driver’s Abstract Link
    • A photocopy of your Registration/Insurance
    • A photocopy of your Driver’s License

Thank you in advance for doing the additional work that this policy creates; the safety of your children is our first and foremost responsibility.


We will continue our new tradition of welcoming families back to MVB by luring you to our school with the promise of ice cream!  On Sept. 11th between 6:00-7:00pm, you are invited to meet our staff, explore the school and share some tasty treats!


If you are new to M.V. Beattie, WELCOME!  If you are returning to us, WELCOME BACK!  

We are excited to see you!


Summer Reading – August Update

August Readers 2The month of August has brought a number of interesting photos of some of M.V. Beattie’s finest! Who knew that it was possible “to hula hoop” while reading (and in the public library, to boot); Nicolas also demonstrates that a moustache can improve reading skills – or perhaps reading leads to the development of facial hair…hmm, let’s go with “reading is fun.”  The three amigos enjoyed a Harry Potter camp, and Jacob demonstrates his preparation for the camp by late night reading sessions.  Jane and Juliet show their winnings from the Enderby Library Draw; and, Holly’s love of reading multiplies with each book that she reads!  Wow.

If you are looking for a great book to read to your kids, here is one of my all-time favourites.

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 1.46.17 PM

Congratulations to all of our students for continuing to read throughout the summer months!

We are nearing the start of our 2019-20 school year, and we are excited to welcome everyone back to school.  Enjoy your last few weeks of vacation!


Summer Reading – July Check In!

IMG_2567I hope that this message finds our M.V. Beattie family somewhat better rested and feeling content after a few weeks of summer vacation.  I had sent a message to our families to encourage you to make reading a priority during this vacation.  While improving reading skills will help your children have greater success throughout their school years, it is above all else a great opportunity to explore the world – without even having a passport! Great ideas and adventures lie within a book.  So, if you haven’t made it to the local library yet, perhaps you will stumble upon one of these book exchanges (from the photo above) – where you can borrow a book or loan one.  The top photo is of Juliet who, by now, must think she is miles ahead of me in our “reading race.” The final photo is of my youngest son, Quinn, reading to his younger cousins.

Each summer our family chooses a book to read together: last year it was “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio – a great read for intermediate students.  This year the choice is “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak.  We will read and discuss the plot, themes and characters as they develop over the course of the novel.  It is more of a “book club” conversation and will lead in many different directions.  I hope that you and your family will give the “family book” a try.  Whether your children are at the Dr. Seuss, Captain Underpants, Big Nate, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, graphic novel or young adult fiction stage, try to spend some time reading alongside them and discussing the ideas presented.

I had set a goal of reading eight novels this summer, and I am now working on my 4th after just finishing up “Ready, Player One” – a Young Adult fantasy novel.  This would be a good read for youngsters in gr. 6-8.  I know a few MVB students read it last year and recommended it to me…Thanks!

Please continue to send me photos of you and your children reading – and any recommendations that you may have for “good fit” books for other kids.

Send them to gdoray@sd83.bc.ca

Happy reading!


Game On!

Yesterday, we published our “Year End Newsletter” – and emailed it out to everyone, and apparently the last page has brought out the competitive spirit in a few of our kids.  For those that have not had a look at the full newsletter, here is the Reading Challenge that I posed.

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 2.21.26 PM

Well, I have heard now from students that like a challenge…many are the ones who keep trying to beat me in our cross country runs (and often do!).  I have said that I plan to read a book per week – so essentially 8 books – some work related, though mostly fiction.  A few have said that they will beat that number… I don’t know, it sounds like a big challenge, but if you can do it…show me! I will have to step up my game as well!!!

Here is the first photo of one of our dedicated Wildcat readers; she even dropped by the school with a book to show me.


So, upon the recommendation of a friend, I have selected my first book of the summer.  For those students who may be questioning the level of challenge, let’s just say it is a short (89 page) work related (and parent related) book to start me off – and I won’t even count it in my total.  Send me your photos, give a brief description, and I will update this site from time to time – especially when I am winning!

Game on people!