Theme Days & Upcoming Events

There is lots going on at M.V. Beattie in the next few weeks. Please make sure to read your child’s planner for updates specific to their classroom.

Some school wide theme days to be aware of:

  • Wednesday, June 15 — Decades Day. Show us your best 60’s to 90’s wear!
  • Thursday, June 16 — Old People Day. Get those cardigans and shawls out!
  • Friday, June 17 — Formal Day. Dress to impress!

Lost and Found

Our Lost & Found bins are overflowing. Items are now on display in the foyer. These items will remain out on tables until June 10th.

If you think that your child has left an item at school, please come down and have a look. When entering our school, please remember to check in with the office first to let Mrs. H. know you are here to look at Lost & Found.

At lunch time, on June 10th, these items will be bagged up and taken to “Twice But Nice.”

Hold & Secure This Morning

Please be advised that this morning we brought students into the building prior to the bell due to another bear sighting. This morning it was reported that the bear was spotted across the street from the school. In the interest of safety, staff and students were asked to enter the building.

We thank you for your understanding.

Class Photos

Sorry for the short notice. Please be advised that class photos will be taking place tomorrow, May 19, 2022. These will be whole class photos, taken on our “island.” We look forward to the opportunity to get students together with their teachers and CEAs to have a group photo taken. Photos will take place before recess.

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Hold & Secure Today

Please be advised that today we did enter into our “hold and secure” procedure due to a bear sighting. This bear was spotted leaving the daycare and then moving into our field. Students who were outside were brought into the building. When it was deemed safe students were permitted to work and play outside, however, we did keep them out of the field. At the end of the day, it was reported that the bear was spotted in the Birch Cresc. area.