Winter Has Arrived

I am sure that when everyone woke up this morning, there was a collective exclamation of joy in ‘whoville.’ Perhaps that was not shared as strongly by those parents/guardians who had to hazard the roads to school, or by the folks in Trinity Valley who discovered their bridge was closed to traffic. However, for our “littles” – this was a glorious morning!

Thank you to the all the students (and staff) who helped with the shovelling this morning!

With the snow comes some reminders for our collective safety:

  1. Winter wear should include coats, boots, gloves/mittens and some sort of toque.
  2. Students are welcome to use the sledding hill provided they are wearing winter wear (otherwise they end up spending the day in soaking clothes). They are able to bring soft sleds, crazy carpets, etc. as long as there are no hard plastic/wood/metal that could cause harm.
  3. Students are able to build and play in snow structures, but please know that they are temporary. We won’t expect today’s forts to be there even tomorrow.
  4. No snowballs…”Snow stays on the ground.” – Sorry.
  5. We will be maintaining our zones: so, please ensure that you stick with your cohort of students.
  6. Please remember to use the grates outside each classroom to “stomp off” the snow before entering – we will do our best to remind you as well.

Finally, to our parents/guardians: please take care, drive slowly and stay safe! Let’s have a great winter!!