Math Games Night

Untitled M.V. Beattie’s first Math Games Night for families was a great success! Close to thirty people attended and were led through a series of fun games by our District Principal of Numeracy, Val Edgell.  Ms. Edgell and Mr. Doug Smith (a District Numeracy Helping Teacher) were able to demonstrate enjoyable ways to practice number facts and thinking strategies.  Our families played games with dice, playing cards and double sided counters.  The games were “levelled” so that they could be accessible to K-6 aged students.

Thank you parents/guardians (and even one big brother) for bringing out your children (and sister).  Learning to enjoy the challenge of mathematics is important.  We know that helping our kids to develop a “growth mindset” is critical to becoming more resilient learners.  We ALL can “do math” – however, the first step is simply to believe that math is not evil; and, with a positive attitude and good effort we can all be effective problem solvers.  Math games are a great way for students to enjoy the learning process.  Good luck with your games…and don’t feel badly if your kids beat you! 🙂

Our next Math Night is for Parents/Guardians only.  This session will be held on March 3rd @ 6:30pm.  It will be a hands on approach to help you understand the many ways students are learning both their math facts and strategies for success.

Hope to see you there!