Be Like Terry!

Terry Fox Run 2019Today was another example of how M.V. Beattie students can always be counted upon to bring their “Can Do” attitude to any challenge.  The rain arrived at just the same moment that we headed outside to assemble before the event.  I didn’t hear a whimper or whine – there was just an obvious excitement and anticipation for what was to come.  Our students had watched videos of Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope and had classroom discussions about his incredible accomplishments, in spite of the many obstacles that he needed to overcome on a daily basis.  There was no way that we would let a few raindrops stop us! Our primary kids ran their familiar school route while the intermediates followed Constable Ivany and her police cruiser.  Right behind the cruiser was the ever so speedy Mr. Pyle who was given hot pursuit by the masses nipping at his heels.  Early in the run, the sun came out to greet us, and by the time we finished there was no sign of a rain cloud.

For the past two years we have run in the rain…without a hint of complaint.  So, next year we are hoping for an early snowfall – so we can keep pushing ourselves through adversity – just like Terry! 🙂

Congratulations Wildcats, we are proud of you!