Welcome Back – Update!

First DayFor one more day, our students will attend the previous year’s class as we prepare to add a 14th division! Our student population has risen to 300+ students, so the secret is out…Enderby is a great place to live and raise children!  We will be looking to hire a gr. 5/6 teacher – and will spend tomorrow and the next few days ensuring that our classroom changes create the least disruption to our current staff while also providing a smooth transition for our incoming teacher.   Tomorrow – at the end of the day – it is our intention to let our students know their classes for this year.

I would like to publicly acknowledge our teachers for the time and effort they put into creating these classes.  It is only through a considerable amount of dialogue between classroom teachers, learning resource teachers and administrators that we arrive at what we believe to be classes that best meet the needs of our learners.

Tomorrow we also welcome our newest members to M.V. Beattie.  Our Kindergarten classes will begin their Gradual Entry Program.  We look forward to meeting and greeting our kindies!  I would like to thank any of our parents and guardians – in advance – for taking the time to fill out the Kindergarten CHEQ survey tomorrow morning (or afternoon, depending on whether they are in group 1 or group 2).

Once again, thank you so very much for sharing your children with us.  We are proud to be your partners in this journey!