Game On!

Yesterday, we published our “Year End Newsletter” – and emailed it out to everyone, and apparently the last page has brought out the competitive spirit in a few of our kids.  For those that have not had a look at the full newsletter, here is the Reading Challenge that I posed.

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 2.21.26 PM

Well, I have heard now from students that like a challenge…many are the ones who keep trying to beat me in our cross country runs (and often do!).  I have said that I plan to read a book per week – so essentially 8 books – some work related, though mostly fiction.  A few have said that they will beat that number… I don’t know, it sounds like a big challenge, but if you can do it…show me! I will have to step up my game as well!!!

Here is the first photo of one of our dedicated Wildcat readers; she even dropped by the school with a book to show me.


So, upon the recommendation of a friend, I have selected my first book of the summer.  For those students who may be questioning the level of challenge, let’s just say it is a short (89 page) work related (and parent related) book to start me off – and I won’t even count it in my total.  Send me your photos, give a brief description, and I will update this site from time to time – especially when I am winning!

Game on people!