M.V. Beattie Satisfaction Survey


Good morning, M.V. Beattie community! In an earlier newsletter I had mentioned that the Ministry of Education only surveys parents of gr. 4 students, and that we wanted to hear more from all of our parents/guardians.  I have attached a link that provides a shorter rendition of the Ministry Satisfaction Survey (it should take 5-7 minutes) for your consideration.  There are 14 scale type questions – some of which may require you to have a conversation with your child for the best possible answer, and also 1 open ended question that asks you to reflect on One Star and One Wish.  This provides more room for you to let us know what you (and your children) enjoy about being at MVB, and also a wish that enables us to understand areas that we can focus on for improvement.

The survey is open from today until June 21st.

Thanks for taking the time to help us improve!