Swimming, Field Trips and Fun Days!


While summer is a few weeks away, the recent hot weather has given us a glimpse of things to come.  As my “Aussie” friend would say, our students are often on “walkabout” as they travel from one field trip to the next.  Most recently, each division has enjoyed a week of swimming lessons, our gr. 6s have just returned from a wonderful three day trip to Eagle Bay Camp, the grade 4 class enjoyed a celebratory school sleepover, and there are trips to Haney Heritage, The Enchanted Forest, North Fork, and of course our annual trek to the waterslides to look forward to.  Although we continue to have “work to be done” – the transition to “celebration mode” is upon us, and there is a lot to celebrate.  Our students have worked hard inside and out of the classroom.  Yesterday, at our staff meeting, we discussed the many improvements we have seen in terms of student academic and social progress.  Each teacher had no trouble identifying individual and class successes.  There was a tremendous amount of pride as we heard stories of the struggles our students had to overcome on their way to success.

Some upcoming and important events:

On June 19th, our gr.6s will have their “grad luncheon” and dance.

On June 26th, we will host another rendition of a FUN DAY – and once again, a big thank you to our PAC for sponsoring a lunch for both students and staff.

“Please note: Students will be given ONE SLICE of pizza, veggies + dip, fruit, a cookie, and a juice box. If they don’t feel this is a sufficient amount of food, they are welcome to bring extra snacks to school that day.
PAC is always looking for extra help to serve on Pizza Days. If you are available to help, please contact PAC Hot Lunch Coordinator, Michelle Campbell, @ 250-938-1434 or on the MV Beattie PAC Facebook page.”
This would also be the appropriate time to pass on our appreciation to Michelle Campbell and her parent helpers who have provided us with a monthly “hot lunch” program throughout the year –  thanks for all of your efforts!
On June 27th, we have a shortened day (buses arrive for pick up at 10:00am), so it will be a day of goodbyes in the classrooms (and report cards to pick up) and then a final slide show assembly (which will begin at 9:00am).  We will wish our gr. 6s the very best as they transition to A.L. Fortune, and hope for a safe and happy holiday for all of our families.

There is something special about M.V. Beattie.  Whether I hear it from a bus driver, a substitute teacher (TOC), a parent, or among staff over lunch, there is something about being a member of the Beattie community that speaks to a culture of commitment and caring.  Even to a visitor, this feeling is palpable. Each member – from students to staff, parents to community volunteers – contributes to this feeling.  On behalf of our staff, I would like to pass on our thanks for all of the support our parents/guardians and volunteers provide to us on a daily basis.