A.L. Fortune Musicians Inspire

IMG_1958What a great way to wrap up a day! Ms. Reed, Mr. Justason and about forty students from ALF came to M.V. Beattie to share their award winning tunes.  We heard from three drum lines – including the Provincial Champion Sr. Drumline, as well as the gr. 7 band and the jazz band.  Each group displayed their musical prowess and in doing so, amazed our audience.  A.L. Fortune has become a flagship musical program both within our district and across the province.  On a day when our gr. 6s had just returned from a visit to ALF, this became just another demonstration of the many choices and opportunities that await them.

The adults in the crowd, mostly teachers, support staff and parents, looked on in admiration of the students’ talents – and we all took some pride in the “family connection” that exists both literally and figuratively between our two schools.

A.L. Fortune, thanks for the showcase…as always, you make us proud!