Grace Under Pressure!

IMG_1796Imagine a beautiful Friday morning unfolding – students and staff brimming with excitement for the activities of the day…with the promise of a beautiful weekend on the horizon.  The agenda includes Outdoor Music, Body Science Boot Camp, Pizza Day and a dance for the intermediate students…it doesn’t get much better than this.

Until, a parent returns from the pizza place – without pizzas.  Some kind of miscommunication occurred…and now it is time to think.  Well, and REACT quickly as there will be 283 hungry Wildcats on the prowl very shortly.  Our PAC has been amazing all year, and this was just another occasion for them to show off their teamwork and support.  Within moments, a plan was hatched: Sutherlands to the rescue.  Loaves of bread, pounds of ham, stacks of cheese were picked up, and the assembly line began.  Some of our super helpful gr. 6 students jumped in to support the effort.  It was not what any of us were expecting, but it was a great example of how people can pull together to make the best of a difficult situation and come up with a…ham and cheese sandwich!

Thanks to all of our volunteers for ensuring that our kids were well fed.   Without recognizing it as such, you role modelled “grace under pressure” for our students – a life lesson worth learning.