“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop.


A few weeks ago, one of our gr. 3 students at M.V. Beattie introduced me to the idea of using a visual metaphor for spreading kindness across our school and community.  Apparently, inspired by her conversation with grandma about a “Paper Chain of Kindness” that had been seen on Pinterest, our student immediately wanted to champion the same type of challenge in her home community.  At the root of it was the desire to make a difference and to be a positive influence on others.  Together, we went to each classroom to share the concept.  Students and staff shared examples of “everyday acts of kindness” that, while simple in nature, can help to improve the lives of others…even if only for a moment.  Each of our students was given the challenge to embark on “purposeful acts of kindness.” Perhaps, doing a chore that mom or dad would usually do, or sharing kind words with others, and ensuring to include people in their play…We had  no specific directions or game plan – other than to simply “do good.”

I am proud of all of our students and staff for how they have responded, and I am hopeful that on Sunday, April 28 (at 10:00am at the Lion’s Gazebo) Enderby will see the many acts of kindness that characterize a community that cares.  April 28th is Pay It Forward Day, so perhaps we will all have the occasion to consider what we can do to make the life of another a little bit better.

While many often wonder in despair “What can one person possibly do?” I am grateful that one of our students decided to be an answer to that question.

Thank you, Anna!

Warmest Regards,

Gene Doray