Breakfast with Mayor and Council!

UnknownTo be a local politician, one must possess diplomacy, strength of character, patience, and the courage to make difficult decisions. Enderby’s Mayor and Council play pivotal roles in the development of a positive sense of community.  In some cases a “community” can merely be a group of people that share the same geographic region, yet a “sense of community” speaks to the bonds that we form and the shared feeling that we are a part of the same special family.  This morning, at M.V. Beattie,  we had an example of what building community is all about.  Our Mayor and Council (and a few special helpers) took on the daunting task of feeding our entire school within an hour.  Hot chocolate flowed in abundance, pancakes were flipped with ease and there was juice for one and all.  It was a wonderful example of organized mayhem.  Several parents, staff and students enjoyed the feast that was set before us…all in all, I would guess that over 300 meals were served.

We should also be reminded that local politicians are “regular folk” who have jobs and responsibilities like the rest of us, so for them to take the time to bring us their holiday cheer is something for which we are truly grateful.  From the staff and students at M.V. Beattie, thank you (Greg, Tundra, Raquel, Brian, Roxanne, Shawn and Brad) for all that you do for our community!