Enderby Christmas Light Up!


On November 30th, our students will head downtown to take part in an annual ceremony whereby each division will bring a decorated wreath for the “Light Up.” The city always kindly provides our children with hot chocolate and a chance to meet with Santa.  If you are interested in dropping by to see this event unfold, I have included our timeline.  As we are dealing with youngsters whose legs and lungs are of different sizes, the departure time here and the arrival time downtown may be slightly different (though we are counting on it being a 10-15 min. walk).

We are sending our divisions in their “buddy groups,” so I am sure that will make it even more memorable.

Departure from  MVB

8:20  Mrs. Pratt’s class

8:40 Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Reimer and Strong Start

9:00 Mrs. Downs and Mr. Easthope’s classes

9:20 Mrs. Shinoda and Mrs. Dell’s classes

9:40 Mr. Jones and Mr. Pyle’s classes.

10:00 Mr. Huntington and Mrs. Hooper’s classes

10:20 Mrs. Kolotylo and Mrs. Schipfel’s classes

***Just a reminder to parents to please ensure that you have provided your consent (either online through parent connect of via the paper copy) for a “walking field trip.”