Intermediate Winter Rec.

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Although we have been enjoying some sunny days as of late, we know that snow will be arriving at some point, so we are preparing for our annual trip to SilverStar Mountain.  Once again, families will have the option of sending their kids to SilverStar to enjoy from a variety of options:  Skiing, SnowBoarding, Tubing and Skating. We are fortunate to have the PAC cover the costs of our transportation, and the remaining per student costs are broken down as follows (and represent a 3 day cost):

Ski/Snowboard:  No Rental:   Lift tickets $24 + Mandatory Lessons $69 =  $93                                                                                                   With Rental : Lift tickets $24 + Mandatory Lessons $69 + Rental $30        = $123

Skating/Tubing: $16 x 3  = $48

Tubing only:      $12 x 3 = $36

The following dates have been reserved: January 25th, Feb. 8th and Feel. 25th.

Buses will pick up our students at 8:15am and return them to school by 3:30pm.