With Gratitude

As the new principal at MV Beattie, I have had many lessons to learn on a daily basis.  Thankfully I have an amazing staff, wonderful volunteers and incredible students that make up for my shortcomings, and do so with exceptional support and kindness.  Tonight I witnessed yet another reason to be grateful: the MV Beattie Craft and Gift Fair.  Well, to be more accurate, it was less about the array of local talent and craftsmanship (though that was incredible), and everything to do with a highly dedicated and efficient PAC whose tireless efforts translate into dollars that positively impact our students’ education.  While Sherie Baird and her supporting cast were busy organizing the tables for vendors, the food for dinner, a silent auction and bake sale, Amanda Renner and Tracey Hamilton were finishing a 10 hour day manning the Book Fair.  And…the day prior, Alejandra Dyke was busy organizing the massive shipment from our “Mom’s Pantry” fundraiser.


So, on behalf of our students and staff, I wanted to pass on our gratitude for the work that our parents/guardians do behind the scenes to ensure that MV Beattie students get access to equipment, events, and activities that we couldn’t otherwise afford.

Parents/Guardians are always welcome to attend the monthly PAC meetings.  Our next meeting is on November 21st @ 5:30pm in the NOL room.

Our 2018-19 PAC executive is:

President: Noreen O’Leary            Past President: Nadine Golz

Vice President: Amanda Renner  Secretary:  Kim Golz

Treasurer: Kathy Haupt                Hot Lunch Coordinator: Michelle Campbell

Fundraiser Coordinator: Alejandra Dyke

  • Craft and Gift Fair – Sherie Baird
  • Mom’s Pantry – Alejandra Dyke
  • Book Fair – Amanda Renner
  • Poinsettias – Tracey Hamilton