Heroes Among Us

Unknown-1Today our Kindergarten classes made a trip to the Enderby and District Fire Hall.  It was an exciting adventure for them which included introductions to fire safety as well as the sights and sounds of the fire trucks and rescue equipment.  Guiding our tour were firefighters, Jesse, Wyatt and Paul – all volunteers! In today’s society “hero status” is too often reserved for professional athletes, musicians and Hollywood stars.  Yet, everyday we are fortunate to live with the heroes among us: volunteers! It was great to be reacquainted with some A.L. Fortune grads (Wyatt and Paul) and witness the positive influence they had on our M.V. Beattie youngsters.  We are extremely fortunate to have local men and women provide this essential service to our community.  However, they are not alone in their support of our citizens.  Upon returning to our school, I met a number of other volunteers: some help our students learn to read with greater fluency, others help with our hot lunch program or provide food to help feed our students.  At every turn I see examples of how the Enderby Lions Club provides funds and services to make Enderby a better place to live.  The individuals, clubs and organizations that put the needs of others before their own are truly deserving of our highest praise.  Thank you to all of our local heroes, your efforts improve the quality of life that we enjoy and inspire us to continue your legacy of service for the benefit of others.