The Enderby Cliffs: A Lesson in “Resilience”

IMG_47731Class field trips are often greeted with eager enthusiasm, and represent a release from the daily routines of the classroom.  They take a considerable amount of preparation and organization and often require the support of parent volunteers.  Field trips inevitably become cherished memories.  Today’s ascent of the Enderby Cliffs will be no exception. For many of our students, the trip was a physical challenge, made even more difficult by the rainy conditions…yet they persevered.  No one would have blinked twice had we decided to cancel the event, but there was a real commitment by our staff and students (and volunteers – thank you!) to achieve a goal that they had set together.  It was amazing to see the smiling, albeit “rain soaked,” faces preparing for departure, and then to have them return, tired, muddied, slightly exhausted – but proud of their efforts.  Was it easy? Nope. Did a few kids slip in the mud?  Yup.  The rain may have even disguised a few tears.  However, lessons in resilience are typically “the path less traveled”; they cause us to accept challenges when it would be easier to walk the other way.

As adults, we understand the difficulties that life presents, but at times we may try to “protect” our children from a little adversity, and in doing so may actually hamper the development of resilience within them.

So…today was a great day not “despite” the weather, but because we did not let the weather dampen our spirits.  I am incredibly proud of our students for their accomplishment, and for our staff and parent volunteers who shone even in rainy conditions!  Congratulations to all!


Mr. D