Follow our new Facebook Page – @sd83mvb

We have made some changes to how you will be able to access M.V. Beattie information due to a variety of issues around privacy.  The old site was inadvertently set up as a person,  so it will be coming down and you will be able to find our new Facebook Page by searching for @sd83mvb   If you simply “Like” the page, any posts that we make will automatically come to your Facebook feed.   Our intention is to have the MVB Website automatically forward posts directly to Facebook to make accessing our information a simple process.  There will be no need (or ability) to “Friend” us, nor will there be the delay that sometimes existed when asking to become friends.  Our goal is to keep you informed about the events from our website, Facebook, and monthly newsletter.  However, please remember that you can drop by or pick up the phone for some old fashioned conversation whenever you have questions.